Previous Positions


in business

Mid 1999 to November 2005
• June 2003 - November 2005, Salvino A. Salvaggio worked as Head of Corporate Portal in Qatar Telecom. He was responsible for planning and coordinating the development of a new corporate Internet portal oriented to rich content distribution and innovative value added services.

• From 2000 to 2003, Salvino was an Expert Consultant in McKinsey and Company 's Brussels office (New Businesses, Media and Innovative Technologies expert). Since joining the Firm in July 2000, he was involved in several engagements primarily oriented to strategy/e-strategy definition for incumbents willing to use innovative digital technologies (especially, Bank/Finance, Telecom, Media, Government, Consumer Goods, Healthcare and High Tech).

• Simultaneously, in November 2000 he has co-founded his 3rd company, SourcePower, devoted to re-intermediate the liberalized energy market by offering added value services and a BtoB reverse auction marketplace to medium and large businesses in Europe. Salvino A. Salvaggio was member of the Board. This company was discontinued in early 2003 because the Belgian electricity regulator did not published yet the rules for the deregulation of the electricity market.

• In 1999-2000, Salvino A. Salvaggio worked as an Experienced Manager (Technology and Strategy) in Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) where he was responsible for the Innovation Center in Brussels. As such, he mainly served clients in the Telecom, Media and Financial sectors.

• He worked for USWeb/CKS (MarchFirst) where he was requested to create, led and develop the Internet Business Strategy Dept. in the Belgian office. As Strategy Leader, Salvino A. Salvaggio had the opportunity to serve several of the worldwide most important Internet businesses.

• Together with Michel Bauwens, he founded and led the Observatory of the Digital Economy, a research lab that provided research reports on several topics belonging to the Information Society and Internet Economy.

• Salvino A. Salvaggio gave full support to Paolo Barbesino -the Italian digital media guru- founding CommStrategy, a new media strategy consulting company located in Milan (Italy). This start-up was the second company he was intensively involved in.

• He also worked as WebMarketing Manager in TrADE-Net, an Italian web agency, and collaborated with Raimondo Boggia, CEO of Alchera Group, one of the largest Internet consultancies in Italy.

• Together with Paolo Barbesino, he created in Milan (Italy), a new media consulting start-up. Due to the immaturity of the Italian market, this project was completely changed and gave birth one year later to CommStrategy.

• Salvino A. Salvaggio started devoting a substantial amount of his working time to e-consulting (especially, webmarketing and eStrategy) in order to help Internet start-ups to develop their business.
• From 1990 to 1995, Salvino worked, together with his university professor of Organizations and Industry, as a junior consultant in organization and innovation strategy for medium size companies in Italy (main sectors: Agro-Business, Automotive, Luxury goods).



in Academia

Mid 1999 to Mid 2003
• During 4 semesters, together with Michel Bauwens, Salvino taught Anthropology of Digital Society for the European Master in Multimedia (EU Leonardo Program) at the Institut Superieur de Commerce St-Louis.

• In 2001, Salvino taught a class of eGovernment at the Faculty of Law of the University of Liege.

• Salvino A. Salvaggio was guest professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal where he taught Theory of Autopoietic Systems of Communication (Dept. of Sociology).

• Salvino A. Salvaggio worked as researcher, visiting scholar and guest professor in several European and North Amercian Universities :
      - Chicago University,
      - State University of New York,
      - University of Quebec in Montreal,
      - University of Montreal,
      - State University of Perugia (Italy),
      - Bielefeld University (Germany),
      - University of Sussex (UK),
      - University of Liege (Belgium).



in media

April 2005 till December 2006
Expresso --a daily radio news bulletin on the French Section of Qatar Broadcasting Services-- hosted Salvino once a week for a 3-to-4 minute chronicle devoted to Internet-, Multimedia-, New Technologies-related topics.

1998 till 2004
• Salvino was a regular contributor to Web Marketing Tools, the Italian leading professional journal devoted to new digital business strategy. He usually published 3 to 4 scientific articles every year on topics related to the digital society. His contributions were based on a diversified set of approaches (economics, managerial sciences, cognitive & social sciences, philosophy, anthropology).
2000 till Mid 2003
• Salvino was chroniqueur at the mid-day radio news (French speaking national Belgian public network RTBF). He was responsible for commenting business news and trends in the Telecom, Internet and Media industries.
Mid 1999 till Mid 2003
• Salvino was in charge of the eBusiness chapter of CyberCafe21 , a weekly radio and TV talk show broadcasted by the major French speaking national Belgian public network (RTBF).