Cognitive Stress in Professional Activities. Using Arduino and NeuroSky MindWave Mobile to measure the level of mental stress and fatigue in professional activities

Author(s) : Salvino A. Salvaggio

Bibliographic Details : Paper

Date of Publication : March 2013

Executive Summary : Over the last two decades, the assessment of the level of cognitive stress and fatigue caused by highly demanding professional activities has been the focus of numerous research projects. Such a measure would allow evaluating how and when stress and fatigue impact on the overall productivity of individuals, the potential risks related to hazardous situations that require intense focus, and the efficiency of team work.
The aim of this (hobbyist) work is to propose an outline of a solution that would allow to measure and quantify stress in an easy and cost effective manner via brainwave analysis.
A solution relying on a simple technical architecture of three very affordable pieces of hardware, a NeuroSky MindWave Mobile brainwave reader, an Arduino Uno rev3 microcontroller and a BlueSmirf Silver bluetooth modem, seems to meet the basic needs of an initial quantification of cognitive stress.

Key Words : Arduino, MindWave Mobile, BlueSmirf, cognition, cognitive, stress, fatigue, work, music

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